Prodotti d’arte

Selezioniamo prodotti innovativi d’arte che potranno essere integrati in progetti di comunicazione non convenzionale.


  • Our history makes us what we are ... Our roots and our culture allow us to evolve and open us to the world ... our cultural marketing events reward and sponsor excellence to make them known and appreciated ... @cibartisti  Photo by @robertoluisetaob

  • The place where we live an experience emphasizes the emotions we will experience ... being in a beautiful, luxurious and stimulating place will allow us to feel our senses ... our locations are all this and much more ...
  • To live an experience we must listen to our senses ... a journey is unforgettable when it makes us experience unique emotions ... Our osmic events transport you to fantastic worlds to make you live unique and unforgettable situations ...
Olfactory direction by @oikosfragrances
  • The dream is the place where everything is possible ... You can taste a painting, drink an idea, ... Our multisensory events allow you to experience everything that with your eyes open...
  • Every place, object has an identifying scent ... as soon as you feel it immediately you come to mind the images, the colors, the emotions that you experienced the instant you heard it ... it's like a journey into your past .. .The olfactory Marketing creates an indelible memory in anyone who is lucky enough to live it ...
Olfactory direction by @oikosfragrances
  • The place where we live an emotion remains imprinted in our memories ... Certain places fascinate us and captivate us for their history and their beauty ... the locations where we realize your dreams do everything ... Art event designed by #taobcomunicazione 
Olfactory direction by @oikosfragrances