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Servizi per Eventi

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  • Happy Tuesday ... Our artistic performances are innovative, involving and captivate the senses ...
  • Good Wednesday ... Exhibition "Aria" at the Gallery Restaurant "I Monaci sotto le Stelle " inauguration on June 6th 2018 ... when the concept of Aria is combined with the various artistic and personal visions ...
  • Presentation of the digital collection of the “ Avanti! “ Thursday 10 May 2018 at the 300 pm, at the Library of the Italian Senate in Rome ... Happy Tuesday ...
  • The @cibartisti by @taobcomunicazione on the magazine "Gusto in Viaggio", "When Art and Food Meet". An intuition of many years ago has become the Future.
  • In life you have to observe things well, because sometimes they are not what they seem at first glance ... Chocolate Jewels ... Happy Tuesday ...


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